Save our Strays (SoS)

Guests testimony @ PAWS awareness program    Anti Rabies Camp


PAWS has adopted a few colonies to improve the condition of strays in its locality. It does so with the active support of the Resident Welfare Associations [RWA’s]. Residents are encouraged to adopt a stray outside their house and take on the responsibility of getting it treated, vaccinated, and sterilized at the center at low cost. Apart from this residents are also advised to feed the strays at a fixed place, away from their own or other peoples homes, as this will reduce incidence of dog bites. Sometimes dogs that are fed right outside the house can become aggressive towards passersby as they start guarding their feeding area.


When you see a dog being hit or stoned, be sure to inform the offender of the law and get him or her to stop. Should the abuse persist, register an FIR at the closest police station.

It is illegal for anybody to round up stray dogs and abandon them in circumstances likely to cause their death from starvation and thirst. Therefore you should challenge this cruelty in court.

When you see an animal knocked over by a vehicle, get the number of the vehicle. Check the animal for signs of life. If possible, move him or her to safety and administer life-saving first –aid. Call a vet or an animal welfare organization that has an ambulance.





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