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We can control the population of homeless dogs through ABC (Animal Birth Control) program rather than killing them, which is inhumane and does not go well with our cultural ethos of love and compassion for animals.

The ABC process begins with catching the dog/ bitch and giving them anti-tick medication. The dog is observed overnight and prepared for surgery that is conducted the next day. During the surgery, while the dog is still under the effect of anesthesia, its right ear is notched for future identification. A special post-surgery kennel is provided and administered the necessary medication. After 4 days from the day of surgery, it is given Anti- Rabies vaccination. The dog is kept in the shelter for 5 to 6 days and a bitch for about 7 days till they recover completely. The animal is then released in its own territory from where it had been picked up. PAWS takes on the responsibility of conducting regular check-ups of animals thus released.

PAWS continues to effectively implement Animal Birth Control Program (ABC) in and around Delhi to control the population of homeless animals in our country. We Have done more than 15000 ABC surgeries till date and its a continous process.

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